Workout Buddies – At Any Age & Stage

It can feel like a struggle to fit in your workout with your kids, but fear not–your kids can become your workout buddies (and even assets to your workouts). Get creative, stay open, and use these tips to get your workouts in WITH the kiddos around and at each stage in their development.

Workouts with Infants: When your little one is tiny, its actually easier to include them. Simply lay down a blanket, sprinkle some soft sensory toys around them and let your baby play along side of you. Do an online barre class or a yoga series. So much lives online. Utilize baby carriers (like baby bjorn or ergo) to strap the baby onto you and use their weight as a little “Extra” as you walk, squat, or use dumbbells. Strollers are great ways to bring baby as you speed walk or jog. Many baby wearing and stroller workouts are popping up all around the country. Little babies tend to fall asleep because they like being gently bounced around!

Workouts with Toddlers: Its no secret that toddlers start to move ALOT. This can make it more challenging to do your chosen fitness regiment but as the old saying goes, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Toddlers love to run, climb, roll, and dance. So do all of this with them. I’m a big fan of nightly dance parties- great family bonding and calorie burning. They don’t mind if you get down on the floor for some ab work and will sometimes join in right next to you. Take note: many fitness studios and gyms have babysitting services! A win for everyone, you get your workout in and your child gets some social time.

Workouts with kids: Once your child is old enough to understand what a workout is, they actually start to learn from you and your good habits. Ask them to go for a hike with you, a long walk, teach them how to properly lift weights and definitely go for a bike ride. Fitness activities can very much become family activities and there’s no better way to teach than to do. And definitely, keep having dance parties!

– Randi Zinn, Going Beyond Mom: How To Activate Your Mind, Body, & Business After Baby