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Bounce “Forward” After Baby

Having a baby is one of the most magical experiences a woman can ever go through. However, once the baby is born, you might face particular challenges you never had before. That is completely normal, and you need to give yourself the time to adjust to your new reality and the way your body looks now. For some women, getting back in shape might be the easiest thing they have done, but it might take a bit longer for others. Don’t compare yourself to other moms—you are your own person and your experience is entirely different. Continue reading

The O’Register Summer 2020 RV Road Trip!

Hey Friends!

It has been a hot minute since I have blogged, but I am planning to change that in this season of life! As I enter a phase of life where my kiddos and family are needing me more, I find myself able to share here a bit more about our adventures!

Like most of you, COVID has forced us to slow down, reevaluate, and restructure. With schools closed, and our kiddos home doing distanced learning, it’s our goal as a family to do at least one trip a month. Not only for the sake of seeing new things, but to get ourselves out of the house, and to learn about new places! Continue reading

Wildfire Smoke Safety Tips

California Poison Control System (CPCS), the largest single provider of poison control services in the U.S., has issued a warning about the dangers of wildfire smoke for children and adults with fires now burning throughout the West. Continue reading

My Number One Pet Peeve

For my first blog post, I’m going to get straight to the point with my number one pet peeve. The idea that a mother should “enjoy every minute of motherhood because it goes by so fast” is inherently flawed. Continue reading

Start a Garden—Make it a Lesson!

Not only do I firmly believe that gardening gives children a greater appreciation for nature, but I believe that the garden can be a classroom and a great way to teach children about nutrition, biology, math, science, and history. Most children will be interested in gardening if you invite them to participate and show them the wonders waiting to be discovered! Continue reading

The Basics of Flu Prevention

Flu season comes around every year, and every year it causes millions of illnesses, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, and tens of thousands of deaths. Even otherwise healthy people can get seriously ill or even die from this infectious disease. So what can you do to help protect yourself, your family, and your community from flu? Follow these easy steps: Continue reading

Managing your Child’s Winter Skin Issues

Seasonal weather changes can wreak havoc on your little one’s skin. As temperatures drop and the wind whips up, skin can lose water and natural oils more quickly than normal. At this time of year, children are prone to developing winter dry skin or even rashes, with red, raw skin that can feel uncomfortable and irritated if not treated. Winter weather can be particularly harsh on infants’ sensitive skin, especially if they are already combating conditions like eczema. Continue reading

4 Comforts for Bereaved Parents

The loss of a child is the ultimate heartbreak. After my son, Zach, died in my arms at birth from a cardiac tumor in 2010, an intense longing and sadness hung over me – but there was also still love. After years of living this “new normal,” as it’s called, which describes life after the loss of a child; there are a few things I have learned that have made coping much easier. Continue reading

International Women’s Day Book Guide

As International Women’s Day (March 8th) approaches, check out this list of inspirational books for young women. These books about heroines all have a compelling message, which is: there is a power that’s in you and it’s up to you to discover it, and then do something good with it. These books help show young women their own strengths, and discover ways in which they, too, can make a positive change in the world. Continue reading

Celebrating the Gift of Adoption

Each year, November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month. This is an important observance for me because there are approximately 140 million children worldwide who are orphaned and in desperate need of a family. Continue reading