12 Days of Giveaways


Day 1

Antsy Pants: Lemonade Stand

Playtime should be a time for kids to run around, stretch their legs and imaginations! Antsy Pants: a new line of Build & Play™ Kits, encourages limitless options of imaginative play for children. Available exclusively at Target, these easy-to-build, durable play structures feature color-coded Snap and Click™ poles and connectors, making assembly fun and easy for each kit. From sailing the seven seas in your Antsy Pants Pirate Ship to setting up shop in your front yard with the Antsy Pants Lemonade Stand, the adventures are endless.

Enter to win the Lemonade Stand! Deadline is December 1st at midnight!

Day 2

Hanukkah Pack

The Mensch on a Bench, and its growing family of Jewish-themed products have indeed become a household name for Jewish and interfaith families across the world, and its newest addition–Dreidel Dog–is going to make for the perfect gift those first few days of Hanukkah. Dreidel Dog is a cuddly dalmatian with unique dreidel-shaped spots who can’t wait to celebrate Hanukkah with your family!

Faigel makes the best latkes in Chelm, but she can’t find her recipe this year! So she sends her husband to ask the Rabbi for help and it becomes a recipe for disaster! Find out what happens in Way Too Many Latkes by Linda Glaser.

It’s almost Hanukkah, and the dreidel maker’s shop is busy as ever, but not all is well for some of the Hebrew letter that will soon go on the wooden tops. Find out if it’s too late for the missing letters to be found in The Missing Letters: A Dreidel Story by Renee Londner.

Enter to win this Hanukkah pack! Deadline is December 2nd at midnight!

Day 3

American Girl Doll: Nanea

Say “Aloha!” to American Girl’s newest BeForever character, Nanea Mitchell, a Hawaiian girl growing up on the island of Oahu in 1941. Nanea’s story explores what life was like for islanders in the weeks leading up to and the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and the U.S.’s entry into World War Two. In bringing this significant period in history to life for girls today, Nanea’s story illuminates how the courage, patriotism, and aloha spirit of the Hawaiian people inspired a nation at war and shows how one girl can make a meaningful difference in the face of big change.

Enter to win a Nanea American Girl Doll! Deadline is December 3rd at midnight!

Day 4

OGO Pack


OGOBILD with Animate It! kit combines constructive play with stop motion animation moviemaking. Studio Kit Build, Create and Animate! OGOBILD is a line of creative construction toys created to promote open-ended play and stimulate a child’s imagination. This kit contains Animate It! Express software, which was developed with the Aardman Animations studio (the creators of Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run) and is the premier UK education stop-motion animation software. OGOBILD with Animate It! is an all-in-one kit for any child to start learning how to create their own stop motion animated movies.

This pack also comes with two OGOBILD Bits: Crank and Blee! Crank is the go-to bit! Whether you’re scooping sand, clutching parts, or fixing other Bits, Crank is the one for the job! Not much is known about Blee. But what is known is that Blee is equipped to be a one Bit show. Get to know the mysterious Blee!

Enter to win this OGO pack! Deadline is December 4th at midnight!

Day 5

Teletubbies Day

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Teletubbies, one of the most iconic children’s brands of all time. Catch the latest episodes on Nick Jr. and join us to celebrate “20 Years of Big Hugs” with the Teletubbies! Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po will discover new areas of Teletubbyland, extend their friendship to the adorable Tiddlytubbies and ride on the brand new honk honk Tubby Car.

Enter to win a fun Teletubbies pack including a tumbler, 3 DVDs, and 2 plush toys. Deadline is December 5th at midnight!

Day 6


The Brackitz Bugz Playpark has 47 pieces including a motorized vibrating bug and directions for building over 20 play parks and obstacles. Race your motorized bug through crazy obstacles like the Toppling Tower, Super Spinner, or make your own. Every race and playpark combination is different–the possibilities are endless. No helmet required!

There’s no better way to beat boredom than having fun while building gross motor skills by stepping, hopping, and turning. Learning Resources’ Let’s Go Code!™ Activity Set introduces children to early coding and programming ideas without electronics. The full-color guide includes sample mazes and coding overview. This develops the following skill development: Critical thinking, Sequential thought, Problem solving, Gross motor skills, Directional sense, and Following directions. Includes: 20 Foam maze mats, 20 Double-sided coding cards, Die-cut pieces including: 2 robots, 2 gears, 2 springs, 2 arrows, and 2 Xs.

Enter to win this STEM pack! Deadline is December 6th at midnight!

Day 7

PowerBall Ball Blaster and Fire Truck!

Dart Zone® has introduced a brand new line of products–Ballistix Ops™ Ball Blasters. The first introduction is the Powerball Ball Blaster. It fires Power Strike™ foam rounds up to 100 FPS (feet per second) just like the competition. The Powerball’s Quick-Load Hopper holds eight foam rounds. Just like Dart Zone® Super Darts and Blasters, Ballistix Ops™ is fully compatible with the leading brand’s rounds and magazines.

Children can come to the rescue and be the heroes with this new super-sized Fire Truck.  This bright red engine makes a daring entrance at two feet in length. Kids can play out the action with the moveable boom bucket, extension ladders and storage compartments.

Enter to win the PowerBall Ball Blaster and the Gigantic Fire Truck! Deadline is December 7th at midnight!

Day 8

Doctor Play Set

This Pretend & Play Doctor Set is perfect for the future engineer, scientist, or doctor! It features enough medical tools for the whole junior surgical staff to operate! Made from sturdy plastic, this set features a battery-operated stethoscope and realistic sounding cell phone. Provides the perfect way to ease anxieties about doctor visits and inspires kids to think of medicine for a future career! Plastic carrying case has a place for everything and provides great storage.

Enter to win the Pretend & Play Doctor Set! Deadline is December 8th at midnight!

Day 9

Little Builder Day

Nothing sparks an imagination like Gears! Gears! Gears!® 100-Piece Deluxe Pink Building Set! Grow into this 100-piece deluxe pink set or use it as a starter. This gears set will help usher your child into the world of engineering games in style as they comes up with endless building possibilities. Made of sturdy plastic, our gears are made to challenge motor skills, creativity, and hands-on construction play so get ready to snap these pieces into place and create something amazing. Compatible with all other Gears! Gears! Gears!® sets for even more imaginative fun.

Go on a forest adventure with Magformers Log Cabin 87 piece set! Use Magformers building techniques to create Cabins, Treehouses, and more. Decorate your log cabins by clipping in balconies and walls. Add windows and ladders, lay turf, build fences, and plant trees. Great for ages 3 and up!

Beasts of Balance is an award-winning augmented reality stacking game of dexterity, strategy, and creation. Players take on the role of Divine Creators, tasked to play solo or with friends to build worlds and reach high scores by stacking magical Artefacts into incredible towers. But this is no standard dexterity game – everything added to the tower interacts with a world that evolves on a wirelessly connected digital device. To succeed, players have to keep their tower and the ecosystem of their world in balance, stacking all 24 pieces and caring for the virtual beasts they create. Perfect for ages 7 and up!

Beat winter boredom with the perfect toy! With Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!® Space Explorers Building Set, design your own universe—there are so many possibilities! Perfect for young space enthusiasts or any child who likes to build. Place the handle into any gear to make all the pieces move. Fosters imagination and provides opportunities to design and build structures while experimenting with simple mechanics and science. Supports STEM by introducing children to sorting, grouping, counting, design, and construction. This set of 80 pieces includes astronauts, planets, sun, spaceship, flag, colorful stickers, and more!

Enter to win one of these giveaways for your little builder! Deadline is December 9th at midnight!

Day 10

Art Pack!

Do you have a little artist in the family? They are sure to love this giveaway! We have 9 doodle-rific books to give away today, plus a fun pack of unique crayons!

  • Draw 50 Sea Creatures by Lee J. Ames with Erin Harvey
  • Draw 50 Outer Space by Lee J. Ames with Erin Harvey
  • The Art of Drawing Dangles by Olivia A. Kneibler
  • Stick it to ‘Em: Playful Stickers to Color & Create by Bailey Fleming
  • Zen Doodle Mindscapes by Carolyn Scrace
  • Playful Painting: Pets by Faye Moorhouse
  • Mythologica: Beasts to Color by Richard Merritt and Sabine Reinhart
  • Beauty and the Beast: A Coloring Book by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve
  • The Little Mermaid: A Coloring Book by Hans Christian Andersen and Edmund Dulac
  • Colortastics: The Crayon Reinvented

Enter to win this amazing art pack! Deadline is December 10th at midnight!

Day 11

Sweet Day!

Bring your Sweetlings Characters to life at the Sprinkle Shop™. Frost the characters easily as they rotate. Grab your accessories from the easy storage and create your custom Sweetlings look. When ready, add the final pizazz with the glitterizer. The star shaped glitter will sparkle as they rotate on the stage for their special moment under the strobing lights.

The Wee Baby Stella Sleepy Time Scents Doll is designed for children as young as 12 months. This set includes a 12 inch Wee Baby Stella doll, magnetic bottle, soft bear and paper storybook. Made from durable, non-toxic polyester materials; Stella features special aromatherapy technology by Celessence, an innovative micro-encapsulation delivery system, to help lull your little one to sleep. Gently hug doll to release her soft scent perfectly paired with her lavender onesie.

Meet Fingerlings Baby Monkeys–a line of six super cute pet robots that come to life with 50+ sweet and silly interactive animations spanning realistic monkey sounds, blinking eyes, head turns, and​ ​grip​ping hands​.​ ​Kids can pet ​or​ swing them​ to see how they react​, and even blow them kisses or rock them to sleep!

Miffy 3” Family Multipack is an adorable family figure set including Miffy, Daddy, Mommy, and Snuffy, each with moving, poseable features. Collect them all! Miffy and her friends are also available in soft, plush format complete with embroidered features.

Day 12

Roll out!

A Toddler’s Ergonomic Three Wheeled Cruiser the Mobo Mity is a mighty little three-wheeled cruiser designed for children 2-5 years old. From its innovative rear-wheel steering system to its ergonomic design, the Mobo Mity encompasses an abundance of splendid features. With quality you can trust, this stylish cruiser features a comfortable seat, chainless chassis, never-flat tires and a sturdy, adjustable frame that grows with your child. This unique cruiser plays an integral role in the development of your toddler’s motor skills, muscle strength, and hand-eye coordination. While promoting healthy exercise, the Mobo Mity delivers a fun riding experience coupled with increased physical activity. Let your child take a Mobo Mity out for a cruiser and start an adventure today!

Paw Patrol is on a roll! The Paw Patrol Safe Start 3-Wheel Electric Scooter from Pulse Performance Products is designed for outdoor play by young children and comes with numerous safety features for kids just learning to ride. The Safe Start push button gradually accelerates the scooter for a smooth and gradual take-off, so there are no sudden jolts. Releasing the button allows it to smoothly decelerate to a safe stop. A 13-inch wide wheelbase and ample foot space on the low-height deck keep the rider stable and secure while moving. Not only that, but a Safe Start scooter is easy to assemble in minutes!

This long and skinny pintail shaped longboard with wide 6” fully painted slant trucks, makes for much quicker turns and a cooler look. It has premium micro-veneer bottom deck layer (Bamboo/Walnut) and is fast and grippy! Available at Walmart! This longboard is perfect for kids looking to step off the bike and onto the board!

Enter to win one of these great prizes! Deadline is December 12th at midnight!

Central California Parent presented the fifth annual 12 Days of Giveaways! Every day was a giveaway starting on December 1st and ending on December 12th. A different giveaway was associated with each of the first 12 days in December.

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