2024 Readers' Choice Award Ballot

We want to hear from you‭! ‬You know what you like and where to go with your kids in the Central Valley‭. ‬It’s your chance to share with other local families‭! ‬We’ll honor Central California’s most family-friendly establishments with our 20th Annual Readers’‭ ‬Choice Awards in an upcoming issue‭. ‬

So‭, ‬tell us your favorite destinations that truly deserve to be noticed‭. ‬Once you complete your ballot‭, ‬you’re eligible for our free random drawing to win‭ $‬100‭ ‬in groceries from Smart‭ ‬&‭ ‬Final and El Super‭!‬ Deadline is March 31st‭, 2024.

Only one entry per family please. Owners and employees of Central California Parent advertisers are ineligible.

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

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