Central California Parent’s Family-Favorite Pediatricians

By Central California Parent Readers

Parents want the best medical care for their children. The Central Valley has some of the best pediatrician’s available. Here are some caring local pediatricians who were nominated by our readers!

Dr. David Bergdahl
“I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Bergdahl as my son’s pediatrician. I’m a single mother and when I looked for a pediatrician it was important to me to find a male pediatrician. I was having a boy and wanted to make sure I had a male perspective when making medical decisions for my son. Dr. Bergdahl took the time to meet with me before my son was born, and I knew that this was the doctor for us. Dr. Bergdahl always puts my son at ease and explains things, so both my son and I can understand. He is respectful, friendly and open. He helps parents make informed medical choices for their children and is always willing to explain issues and answer questions. His genuine concern for the well-being of children is evident every time we visit him at Fresno Children’s Medical Group.” – Tammy J., Merced

Dr. Daniel Casey Gray
“As a first time mom, everything about parenting can be scary. There are so many theories about vaccinations, feeding, sleep training, etc. that it can be hard to know what is best for our children. Dr. Gray somehow makes all this anxiety go away by confirming what is best for our child is what feels best to us as parents. To find such a non-judgmental doctor who wants to help lead us on the path that we feel comfortable with is so liberating. His gentle demeanor and sincere smile always make everything feel like it is going to be ok. This anxious mom is very thankful for the best pediatrician that we could ever imagine, Dr. Gray.” – Sara G., Madera

Dr. Brian Guthrie
“Dr. Guthrie has cared for my children for 20 years. He is caring, compassionate and dedicated. He is what a pediatrician should be. And my kids love him.” – Suzanne T., Clovis

Dr. John J. Kim
“He is so very patient and understanding. My 2 teenage boys are very comfortable with him and really like him.” – Aida C., Fresno

“Dr. Kim is a great, caring, compassionate, empathetic human being. He listens to all our concerns. He makes my kids a priority when we’re there at a visit.” – Martha C., Fresno

“Dr. John J. Kim, he’s just a doctor who practices from the heart. You could ask him for any advice without thinking you’re bothering him. A doctor who loves to practice pediatrics.” – Jeannie E., Fresno

Dr. James Kratzer
“I found Dr. Kratzer after I had difficulty breastfeeding. He was patient, kind, and supportive. My first family doctor gave me formula instead of trying to help, where Dr. Kratzer took the time to get to know me, my family, and the importance of breastfeeding to me. We have enjoyed our time with him and all of his knowledgeable staff.” – Sonja C., Reedley

Dr. Frank Lopez
“Dr. Lopez takes his time with every one of his patients. He also shows concern for his patients.” – Ranell C., Fresno

“Dr. Lopez’s popularity as a pediatrician has grown over the past 10 years. He has the greatest bedside manner; most informative, enjoyable, caring, patient and personable doctor I have ever experienced in my life!” – Sheila B., Fresno

Dr. Nidhi Mehrotra
“She is the best pediatrician in the valley by far. Always going above and beyond for her patients. Always genuinely happy to see her patients and always accommodating to any questions we as parents may have. Her staff is exceptional and we always recommend friends to her if they are expecting.” – Jonathan L., Fresno

“When interviewing pediatricians Dr. Mehrotra stood out from the rest. She took time to talk to me and hear about my child and what I was looking for in a pediatrician. Dr. Mehrotra is always pleasant, never rushed, although we can see she is busy. My daughters are never afraid to go to the doctor. The care that Dr. Mehrotra has for her patients shows. The staff is pleasant and always provides wonderful assistance when scheduling sick visits or routine check ups.” – Isabel M., Fresno

Dr. Katayoon Shahinfar
“She always provides exceptional, friendly, and timely care for her patients. She is extremely thorough and helped identify a heart defect in our 4 year old daughter that required surgery that was never found by previous health care providers. Dr. Shahinfar clearly loves her job and goes above and beyond to ensure families and patients are receiving the best care.” – Sarah L., Fresno

Dr. Dave Sine
“Dr. Dave Sine cares. We appreciate Dr. Sine ‘s positive personality and nurturing heart. The entire staff is awesome! We are blessed to be able to rely on a great team whenever our daughter needs care.” – Stephanie S., Visalia

Dr. Van Beever
“Dr. Van Beever takes the time to answer any questions I have about my children. He always is happy to see my children through every appointment.” – Cheri D., Clovis

Dr. Quinton Young
“Dr Young does an outstanding job connecting with children. He takes the time to listen to his patients and to their parents. He has been our pediatrician for two years now and we have always felt comfortable and confident in his care.” – Anne R., Fresno

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