Sponge Water Bombs

By Central California Parent

These water bombs are quite possibly the easiest thing you will make all year! Make a few to play toss or make a bunch and have an all out water war!

  1. Purchase inexpensive sponges. The best kind are the plain, rectangle cellulose sponges. Nothing fancy! You don’t want the ones with a handle or a course scrubbing side.
  2. Cut three sponges into thirds lengthwise so you have nine long strips, three from each sponge.
  3. Stack the nine stripes 3 by 3, so there are three on the bottom row, three in the middle row stacked on top of the bottom row and three in the top row stacked on top of the middle row.
  4. Wrap a rubber band horizontally around the center of the stack so that it secures all the sponges together.
  5. Spread out the sponge ends so that you create a poofy circular sponge bomb. Dunk in water, aim, fire!

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