No Sew Socktopus

By Central California Parent

This is the perfect craft for all those miss matched socks lying around the house. It requires no sewing skills and provides lots of entertainment for the kids.

1. Choose two long socks, one will be for the outside, the other will be stuffed on the inside.

2. Use scissors to cut along the back of the leg and ankle of the outside sock. Leave the entire foot of the sock intact.

3. Stuff the inside sock into the foot of the outside sock and mold into a ball to make the head of your socktopus.

4. Take a rubber band and secure the base of the head leaving the cut leg and ankle of the outside sock dangling.

5. Cut the leg and ankle of the outside sock into 8 strips to make the socktopus legs.

6. Glue on two googly eyes, draw on eyebrows and a big smile with a permanent marker and your cute socktopus is ready to play!

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