Monthly Archives: August 2016

Carter’s First Day of Preschool

Carter started preschool today and it was very hard for him and me.  There were lots of tears.  For those of you who don’t know me well and just stumbled upon my blog, I NEVER leave my children.  Blake and I have never left them overnight, except for when we were in the hospital having Kennedy.  We never leave our children with babysitters.  Blake and I personally feel it is very important that at least one of us is there for every bed time, every breakfast, lunch, dinner… just everything!  I know every mom and dad are different and believe me I have tons of friends that are not like me and I am totally okay with that.  I am just a different kind of mom.

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Setting Grit Goals: The Journey of a New School Year Begins

As we try to soak up the last few hours of summer before a new school year begins there is so much to do. I am checking and rechecking their back packs to make sure they have all of their school supplies. Making sure their lunch boxes and folders are labeled. Doing a final fitting of their school uniforms to make sure the shirts and bottoms are comfortable. Continue reading