Submit An Event

Interested in submitting an event to our calendar? Here’s how.

Print Edition Calendar:

Submitting your event information early will give you the best chance of being included in our calendar of events. The submission deadline for our print edition is the 12th of the month preceding the event.

Our calendar features family-friendly events of interest to parents for kids of all ages. We welcome your event submission. Free events, events held at museums, animal sites, libraries, theaters, and events held by support groups receive preference.

If your event is submitted after the print edition deadline, it may be included in our online calendar, our E-Newsletter and/or our weekly Facebook highlights.

We work hard on our calendar of events, but space is limited. Submission of your event does not guarantee your event will be published. The only way to guarantee your event will be listed is to purchase a display ad.

Tips For Preparing Your Calendar Items

The following guidelines will give you the best chance of having your event published in our calendar:

  1. Describe your event in detail. Be sure to include kid-friendly and family-friendly aspects, why it is educational, fun, or of interest to children or families.
  2. Include the date, time, location with address, and contact number.
  3. Include any costs or fees, and if preregistration is required. Specify age groups if necessary.
  4. You can e-mail your event to us at (be sure to include a contact name and number in case we have questions).
  5. Title your submission Calendar Event.