During the most wonderful time of the year, Central California Parent introduced the 11th annual 12 Days of Giveaways! Every day featured a giveaway starting on December 1st and ending on December 12th. A different giveaway was associated with each of the 12 days in December. The 2023 promotion is now closed.

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Day 1: Moochies™ Smartphone Watch

Moochies™ Kids 4G Smartphone Watch is the perfect age-appropriate first smartphone watch, with mobile features that kids find easy to use. Parents appreciate the safety functions, activity tracker, commitment-free service plans, and that it’s engineered without a browser or social media. It combines cutting-edge technology with kid-proof design to let young kids participate in the tech-world age-appropriately, while solving many challenges parents face with smartphones and screens!

Day 2: Carrera GO!!!

Race head-to-head with this high-speed, Carrera GO!!! 1:43 scale analog slot car racing toy set featuring your favorite Mario Kart™ video game characters—Mario and Luigi! The Carrera GO!!! slot car racing system offers big fun on a smaller scale. Each set comes with everything you need to start racing and having fun. Hitting scaled speeds of up to 370-mph is no problem for the popular cars as they speed around this 16.07-ft. long track. This set includes a lap counter for keeping track of the leader and a loop for even more challenge and excitement! Rated for ages 6 and up, kids and adults alike will get countless hours of fast racing fun! Carrera GO!!! slot car racing sets are compatible with all Carrera GO!!! cars and track accessories allowing you to customize and expand for even more racing fun. Cars included are Officially Licensed Mario Kart™ Mario and Luigi cars.

Day 3: POWERUP Paper Airplanes

Turn any paper plane into a powered, remote-controlled flying machine! Use the in-app controls to loop, barrel roll, and hammerhead with ease. Or hit Acro mode and enjoy your own private airshow. POWERUP almost anything. Create and test new designs from paper, light balsa wood, or foam. These templates and designs make getting started easy!

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what kind of experience you have in making paper planes, the POWERUP 2.0 Paper Airplane is designed to help complete beginners fly their first motorized paper airplane in minutes. Plus, fly further and faster with the POWERUP 4.0 Paper Airplane!

Take your paper airplanes to the next level with the POWERUP book! Get the ultimate tutorial on aerodynamics and be on the path to mastering powered paper flight.

Day 4: Mystery Monday

On Mystery Monday, the excitement has begun, a prize awaits, hidden, for everyone.
Guess what it is, let your imagination play, in our amazing 12 Days of Giveaways!
Unwrap the day with a curious smile, the prize is unique, it’s worth the while.
A secret gift, shrouded in delight, Mystery Monday, bring on the night!

Day 5: Gund Plushies

Toothpick is ready to get in the festive spirit! This 15” bear sports a colorful green, white, and red sweater embroidered with smiling snowmen and snowflakes. His slender body, playfully floppy limbs, and sweet expression make him perfect to take and cuddle wherever you go!

Kian is a cute and cuddly spaniel puppy ready to become your best friend. This 10” plush pup will melt in your arms with its shaggy copper-colored fur and long, floppy ears! The pup poses in an adorable upright sitting position that’s perfect for display!

Day 6: Backyard League Gaming Baseball

The Baseball gift of the year! Backyard League Gaming Baseball is a fun way for kids to play games, compete, and build core throwing, catching, and fielding skills. Turn your own backyard into a gaming destination for the whole family. The world’s first Smart Gaming Baseball measures speed, distance, height, throws, catches, transfer time, drop balls, and so much more!

Day 7: Candlewick Press Books

Win a bundle of seasonal books from beloved children’s publisher Candlewick Press! From Dasher Can’t Wait for Christmas, the resplendent sequel to Matt Tavares’s New York Times bestseller and holiday classic Dasher; to How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney, in which the hilarious and multi-award-winning duo of Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen tackle a perennial question; to everyone’s favorite bald board book star, Leslie Patricelli’s Baby’s, snow day adventure in Snow!, your young reader is sure to find a new holiday favorite.

Day 8: Gel Blaster

Created by a Dad of two, Gel Blaster products blast an eco-friendly water-based gel pellet—called gellets—that are safe for people, pets, and the environment. Featuring non-toxic, eco-friendly gellets, beads that disintegrate on contact and leave no stain, no mess, and no cleanup. Get your kids off their screens and outside with the fun pack including: the Surge XL, the Starfire XL, Gellet Depot, Tips & Fins, and over 60,000 Gellets!

Day 9: SimplyFun Games

It’s time for family game night! In Ice Tumble, players take turns rolling the die and collecting ice blocks. Then they stack their blocks carefully to make an ice sculpture, without any tumbling off. The first player to successfully place all their ice blocks and their fox pawn on the sculpture wins the game. The blocks are slippery, so be careful or the sculpture may come tumbling down! In the fast-paced card game, Linkity, everyone plays at once to make connections between words in this laugh-out-loud word association game. Family Stories Chat Ring features 98 meaningful questions that engage kids, teens, adults, and older generations! This ring is a great way to share stories, get to know one another better, and have a great laugh.

Day 10: Stomp Rocket

Introducing Stomp Rocket Stomp & Catch, the ultimate active play experience where kids can spend hours running, stomping, and throwing rockets for independent play or with friends. When Stomp & Catch is around, there’ll be no boredom woes and less screen time. It’s easy to launch, fun to catch, and 100% kid-powered! The set includes four rockets, a net for catching them, a launch pad, and a stand—adding heightened excitement to this STEM-oriented game.

Stomp Rocket gives kids an understanding of gravity, motion, and force, all of which are STEM principles. Plus, kids can easily set it up themselves—just attach it to the launcher and stomp! Aeronautical Engineers designed these Stomp Rockets Stunt Planes: Looper for giant loops, Glider for long glides, and Wild Cat for a fun surprise!

Double the launcher, double the fun! Stomp Rockets Dueling Rockets can fly up to 200 feet in the air. Battle it out to see who can launch theirs the highest. Kids will greet the great outdoors with enthusiasm. Stomp Rockets are perfectly geared to their inquisitive nature as they launch rockets in the air and attempt to catch them in the net! They’ll be learning valuable skills to help them in school and all areas of life.

Day 11: WACOM One Tablet

From learning to draw and edit photos to collaborating in online classes or completing academic assignments with natural handwriting, One by Wacom brings an easy to use digital pen to PC, Mac and most Chromebooks. Digital learning and creativity couldn’t be easier. Sketch and paint with more precision. Advanced electro-magnetic pen technology gives you excellent control and accuracy. One by Wacom helps your art projects come out the way you’ve always wanted, by perfectly matching the movement of your pen. Editing photos? Everything from complicated cut-outs to delicate color adjustments are so much easier. Take creativity to a whole new level!

Day 12: American Girl® Lila™ Doll

Meet Lila Monetti, a 10-year-old girl growing up in the Twin Cities, MN. Lila is a skilled athlete who’s learning how to take on new challenges, including moving up to a competitive gymnastics team and taking horseback riding lessons. The 18-inch Lila™ doll features amber eyes and caramel-colored hair styled in two half ponytails. Lila comes dressed in a glittery pink tank and track pants, colorful sandals, bracelets, and hairbands. Also included is the Lila paperback journal by Erin Falligant. Lila’s accessories set includes an orange, yellow, and pink marble-print crossbody bag, a pretend cell phone with a pink case and a reversible phone screen, a pair of orange frameless sunglasses, a set of 32 multicolored hairstyling rubber bands, a set of reusable hair gems, and a booklet filled with hairstyling ideas and instructions to create Lila’s many go-to looks!

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