I Don’t Work Alone

I am often asked, “How do you do it?” and “I can never do what you do” but I am here to tell you neither could I without my husband.

I start my day at 5 a.m. most days but it’s only because that’s the time he is out the door for work.

We eat a home cooked dinner most nights and have a lunch to pack the next day, but that’s only because he has already finished making dinner or has gotten a head start by the time I get home with the kids and can help.

I am a full-time working mom, but he is a full-time working dad who stays home with the kids all by himself on Fridays after working four 10-hour days.

We have clean clothes because he washes and I fold or I wash and he folds. Sometimes I do neither because both kids want me to carry them or The Toddler wants to “help” me but only makes a mess, or The Infant screams at me until I pick her up or The Toddler has a meltdown when I leave his sight to go to the laundry room…so he steps up and just gets it done.

Some days I do bedtime with The Toddler, or give the kids baths or play with them because they need the attention after not seeing us all day but, instead of sitting on his ass to rest, he’s clearing the kitchen counters or doing the dishes.

When I see memes or commercials joking about incompetent dads or husbands, I laugh because they’re funny, but I can never relate. Mine steps up BIG TIME. He keeps me strong, he keeps me sane, he talks some sense into me, he is patient, he is an amazing father…and even though times are hard right now while the kids are small and demand so much attention from us…OH MY GOD HOW I LOVE THAT MAN! With all the chaos, I know it sometimes feels like I don’t see him, but I DO! I see him loud and clear and hope he knows I could not do what I do, without him. It truly is a testament to the queen who raised him and I know she would be beaming with pride at seeing the kind of husband and father her little boy has turned out to be.

Christy is a full-time working mom of two kids under two years of age and wife two a hard-working construction man. She’s used the writing experience in her public relations career as an outlet to the craziness that is parenthood. Her anecdotes and tips in motherhood can be found on her blog, Coffee + Chaos.