Tissue Paper Stained Glass

By Central California Parent

This simple technique gives you the beautiful illusion of stained glass and is easy for the kids to make. All you need is a glass votive, mod podge, a candle and colored tissue paper!

  1. Take a few different colored sheets of tissue paper and cut it into small one inch shapes. Squares are very simple for the kids to cut and look great layered.
  2. Take your mod podge and paint it onto the glass votive. You’ll want to work in sections since the mod podge will dry quickly. (Mod podge can be easily found at Michaels or Joann’s)
  3. Randomly arrange the one inch shapes of tissue paper on top of the wet mod podge. After the entire votive is covered, gently layer a thin layer of mod podge on top of the tissue paper to seal. The mod podge will look odd at first, but it will dry clear.
  4. Let the mod podge dry for about 4 hours. Once it’s dry add a candle in the middle. The light from the candle will illuminate the tissue paper to look like stained glass.

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