Central California Parent’s Eighteenth Annual Readers’ Choice Awards

Keeping kids outfitted, finding fabulous places for fun, and even knowing where to grab a bite to eat are all in a day’s work for us parents. To make it easier, we decided a little networking was in order. So once again, Central California Parent Magazine polled all you moms and dads out there to tell us what’s worth raving about—and we heard you loud and clear! Thanks to everyone who filled out the Readers’ Choice Award Ballot—we’re sure lots of other families will enjoy checking out your picks. 

Party Perfection

Aerozone Trampoline Park (Fresno, 225-2955) takes the cake for best party place. The second place award goes to DEFY (Clovis, 345-6410.) Readers voted Fun Time Entertainment (Central California, 228-0562, 512-9422) as the number one kids’ party entertainer with their magicians, puppet shows, and more. Tied for second with bubble fun was Wild Child Adventures (Central California, 352-3667) and Bubbles the Magical Clown (Central California, 323-4203.) 

Special Delivery

Birthdays are best at Clovis Community Medical Center (Clovis, 324-4000) and Saint Agnes Medical Center (Fresno, 450-3000) delivers a strong second!

Palette Pleaser

California Arts Academy (Fresno, 222-6539) was voted the best art studio. Fresno Art Museum (Fresno, 441-4221) paints its way into second with classes and workshops for all ages!

Finest Fashions

Parents head to The Children’s Place (Central California, 440-1019) when they’re looking to dress the kiddos. Also racking up votes were Macy’s, H&M, and Target.

Finest Footwork

California Arts Academy (Fresno, 222-6539) receives the most accolades for dance classes. Break the Barriers (Fresno, 432-6292) waltzes in a close second. 

Fantastic Gymnastics 

Families flip for The Little Gym (Clovis and Fresno, 970-9454, 433-3434) with a variety of gym programs for kids. Break the Barriers (Fresno, 432-6292) sticks the landing for second with their inclusive classes and programs.

Hairdo’s Done Right

Whether it’s that emotional first hair cut, a trim, or a buzz cut, the shear favorite is Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids (Fresno, 457-8588.) Corky’s Cuts 4 Kids (Clovis, 434-8000) came in second by a hair.

Standing Ovation

Good Company Players’ Junior Company at Roger Rocka’s (Fresno, 266-0211) receives a standing ovation from Central California families for their live theater. Dedicated to providing excellent, accessible musical theater training and performances to the community, Children’s Musical Theaterworks (Fresno, 835-6875) also receives rave reviews.

Karate Kudos

Ultimate Martial Arts Inc. (Fresno, 261-2805) achieves a black belt as the best martial arts studio followed by Guido’s Martial Arts (Clovis, 477-2053) who comes in second by building champions in life!

Must See Museum

Fresno Discovery Center (Fresno, 251-5533) is dedicated to igniting curiosity and imagination by providing hands-on, STEAM experiences. Also popular, and coming in second, is ImagineU Children’s Museum (Visalia, 733-5975) in the South Valley.

Most Noteworthy

Fresno Music Academy & Arts (Fresno, 222-7464, 207-3833) chimes in and sweeps the category with their two locations and multiple offerings.

Grade A Preschool

Top marks are awarded to Kids Kare (Clovis, Fresno, Madera, 275-1169) for their quality care in a nurturing environment. Brighten Academy Preschool (Clovis, Fresno, 900-4352) comes in second with their research-driven, academic enrichment programs focused on developing skills in multiple areas of study while building self-esteem and creating life-long learners.

Super Swimmers

Teaching children the fun of swimming and how to gain confidence in the water is paramount at Jamie’s School of Fish (Clovis, Fresno, 944-9909), voted best swim school fins down by families. Bullfrog Swim School (Clovis, 281-8650) comes in second by a stroke.

Best ABC’s and 1-2-3’s

Voted the valedictorian of tutoring centers, Cullinan Education Center (Fresno, 435-3276) has been providing quality tutoring services for over 30 years! Also scoring high is Tutoring Club (Clovis, Fresno, 325-3512, 312-2953) where kids can get ahead!

Most Amusing

Storyland & Playland (Fresno, 486-2124) comes through as the winner in our Entertainment & Amusement Centers category. Close behind is No Surrender Adventure Park (Clovis, Fresno, 981-2046) where the adventure begins!

Winning Work Out

Valley Fitness (Central California, 500-1344) has the most muscle when it comes to working up a sweat. Crossing the finish line second is George Brown Sports Clubs (Clovis, Fresno, 438-3003.)

Favorite Family Night Out

Families love Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria (Central California, 227-8401) for yummy slices. Sequoia Brewing Company (Fresno, Visalia, 434-2739) comes in as the second course.

Mall with the Most

Fig Garden Village (Fresno, 412-5296), with its variety of retail stores and eateries, is a hit with families when it’s time to shop or just hang out. River Park Shopping Center (Fresno, 437-4855) places a fashionable second where families are encouraged to explore together!

Tummy Yummies

Changing the world, one frosted treat at a time, is Frosted Cakery (Fresno, 917-8880) where dreams are in buttercream! Ampersand Ice Cream (Fresno, 264-8000, 478-5858) came in a cool second as a small batch creamery focused on utilizing the best products the Central Valley has to offer.

Picture Perfect

Children say, “cheese” most often for Tracy Arredondo Photography (Fresno, 916-7014.) Zooming their way into second is JA Photography (Fresno, 402-0086.)

Pizza with Pizazz

No matter how you slice it Mama Mia Pizzeria (Fresno, 439-5303) is the best place for pizza. Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria (Central California, 227-8401) is second in slices.

Waterpark Pick

When the mercury soars past 100 degrees, families flee to waterparks! Wild Water Adventure Park (Clovis, 299-9453) makes the biggest splash with families, followed by Island Waterpark (Fresno, 277-6800) with a lazy river float, racing slides, and more.

Ideal Indoor Sport Center

No Surrender Adventure Park (Clovis, Fresno, 981-2046) adventures into first place with lots of indoor fun! Bouncing into a tie for second place is Kids Play Cafe (Fresno, 475-0899) and DEFY (Clovis, 345-6410.)

Best Braces

The winner in the first bracket is Dempsey Orthodontics (Fresno, 226-7468) with their outstanding service. Brace yourselves—Nalchajian Orthodontics (Clovis, Fresno, 432-7100, 299-9561) has been creating exceptional smiles in the Valley since 1965 and takes second place.

Pearly Whites

Families who want bright smiles head to California KiDDS Pediatric Dentistry (Clovis, Fresno, Merced, Reedley, 439-5300, 439-6600, 439-5200, 439-5400, 209-934-3200, 743-7095) where they specialize in the treatment and prevention of childhood dental disease. Smiling in second is Powell Pediatric Dentistry (Clovis, Fresno, Visalia, 431-9701.)

Pediatrician Perfection

Checkups are best with care at Clovis Pediatric Group (Clovis, 900-3045.) Fresno Children’s Pediatrics (Fresno, 438-2300) takes a close second with their wide variety of services.

Best Beasts

Fresno Chaffee Zoo (Fresno, 498-5910) sweeps the category as the favorite place to see animals as it inspires wonder of the natural world, provides an engaging learning environment, and creates a passion for conservation.

Premier Private School

St. Anthony’s School (Fresno, 435-0700) made the grade for premier private school in Central California, serving kindergarten through eighth grade students. Also receiving top marks is San Joaquin Memorial High School (Fresno, 268-9251.)

Fast Food Find 

Families looking for quick-service food head to In-N-Out (Central California, 800-786-1000) for their classic menu. Following in second is Piemonte’s Italian Delicatessen (Fresno, 237-2038) as the oldest deli in Fresno—since 1929!