Mummy Lanterns

By Megan Murray Elsener

As Halloween’s dark and frightful night approaches, take time to create your own eerie and ghostly mummy lanterns to decorate your doorstep.

Whether you make a mummy family or group of friends, the lanterns can help guide little trick-or-treaters through the darkness straight to your treats. Another great use of the mummy jars would be as candy holders leading up to the big night.


1. Select several Mason jars of either the same or different sizes. Remove the lids and make sure the jars are clean and dry.

2. Apply hot glue around the exterior of the Mason jar, starting at the top. Wrap gauze tightly around the jar and press gently to adhere to the glue until the entire jar is covered.

3. Arrange and glue eyes as desired to create a mummy face.

4. To use as lanterns, put either a candle or glow stick inside the jar. Arrange on your doorsteps or in your front windows for Halloween night.


• Mason jars
• Gauze
• Googly eyes
• Hot glue gun and glue
• Candles or glow sticks

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