Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

By Megan Murray Elsener

Nothing is better than being outside all day long and soaking up the summer. With your own homemade sidewalk chalk, make your own games, drawings, hopscotch and more. These also would be great hostess gifts for summer barbecues or birthday parties.


1. Fill a disposable cup with ¾ cup water, 1 cup Plaster of Paris and ¼ cup of tempera paint. Stir and mix well.

2. Repeat for each color you want to make. Three color mixtures make about a dozen chalk shapes.

3. Carefully pour mixture into the silicone molds. Layer with multiple colors if your kids wish.

4. Let dry for 24 hours and then remove them from the mold. They are still soft, so be careful when popping them out of the mold.

5. For best results, let the chalk shapes dry outside the molds for another 24 hours. Then get out on the driveway and start drawing!

• Plaster of Paris, dry powder (available at craft stores)
• Tempera paint
• Water
• Silicone shape mold
• Disposable cups and spoons

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