Father’s Day: Creative Ways to Show You Care

by Denise Yearian

Father’s Day is a special day set aside to celebrate dads and other male role models in your children’s lives. This year, Father’s Day falls on June 16. Rather than spending a fortune on gadgets and gizmos that break or collect dust, why not try a creative approach to gift giving? Following is a list of five no-cost ways to show Dad the appreciation and love he deserves.

1. “This is your Life.”

Make Dad feel honored with a special presentation of “This is your Life.” Stage the show as if it were a television special. Have one person be the show host who interviews other family members regarding what they love about Dad. They may also want to share a story or memory they have of him. Between interviews, prepare a special song, poem or other talent in his honor. Ask Mom to videotape the program and your father will have a keepsake for years to come.

2. At your service.

The gift of service is something that keeps on giving. Talk with family members about the simple chores your father does around the house. On small strips of paper write down each job he does, and on the other side write the name of one family member who will volunteer to do that chore for him. Tasks could include cutting the yard, weeding the flowerbeds, washing the car, shining his shoes, etc. Continue this until you have covered all of his responsibilities. Find an old shoe box, place the strips of paper in it and wrap it up. Present this to Dad and in the days to come give him service with a smile.

3. A family tree.

Show Dad what a special part of your family he is by creating a family tree. Find a short tree branch and place it in a decorated can. Stabilize the branch with sand, clay or plaster. Next cut out large leaf shapes from construction paper. Write the names of family members on one side of the leaves and tape or paste photographs of them to the other side. (Don’t forget your pets!) If you don’t have a picture of someone, draw it. Punch a hole through the top of each leaf and thread a piece of yarn through it. Now tie the leaves to the tree branches.

4. King for the day.

A day of relaxation and royalty will make Dad feel extra special. When he wakes up, greet him with a homemade crown and tell him he will be king for the day. Serve his favorite breakfast in bed and ask what he would like to do today. If he needs a little prompting, suggest a family hike in the morning, a picnic in the park for lunch and a nap in the afternoon. While he is having down time, wash his car and ask Mom to fill it up with gas. Make the evening special with a steak and potato dinner and a special dessert, followed by his favorite movie. Throughout the day, remind him of how much you love and appreciate him.

5. A day off.

Many fathers have little time for themselves. If this is the case, give Dad the day off to play golf, go fishing or have some time out with his buds. While he is gone, prepare a special “Best Dad in the World” banner for his arrival home.

Still want to purchase something for Father’s Day? Here are a few tried-and-true ideas: flowers, shrubs or a tree to plant in the yard; season pass to a museum or science center; membership to a health club; tickets to a sporting event; gift certificate to his favorite restaurant, home improvement store or garden center; magazine subscription; golf getaway weekend; themed gift basket with items of personal interest—fishing, football, golf or the movies; barbeque utensils; computer software. Whatever you decide on, make sure it’s something that suits Dad’s personal taste.

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