Family Fun at Sumner Peck Ranch

Nestled along the San Joaquin River bank, Sumner Peck Ranch is an ideal family escape right in Fresno’s backyard. A beautiful location offering a variety of outdoor activities, this Parkway property promises outdoor fun, including U-Pick citrus and blueberries, access to the meandering San Joaquin River, wildlife watching, picnicking, hiking, and open spaces for children to play.

The River Parkway Trust acquired Sumner Peck Ranch to become part of the 22-mile San Joaquin River Parkway in December 2020. The 76-acre Fresno County property, is just south of the community of Friant on the San Joaquin River. The site is contiguous with other Parkway lands, including Ball Ranch, Ledger Island, and the Willow Unit of the San Joaquin River Ecological Reserve. Sumner Peck Ranch features a half mile of river frontage, wildlife habitat, and farmland, including a citrus orchard and blueberry patch.

Among the many fun activities at Sumner Peck Ranch is the chance to pick fresh citrus and blueberries. Your family will be greeted by rows of lush citrus trees, inviting you to partake in the satisfying experience of hand-selecting your fruit. The orchard produces navel oranges, blood oranges, pomelos, Minneola tangelos, mandarins, and lemons that ripen in winter. In late spring, berries begin to ripen throughout the blueberry patch. Children, parents, grandparents, and other family members will enjoy plucking the ripest, juiciest fruit straight from the branches.

As you stroll up and down the citrus orchard, you’ll enjoy views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and surrounding river bluffs. You may feel a deeper connection to the land and the river that supports the food on your table. Sumner Peck Ranch offers more than just fruit picking; it’s a place for shared adventures, bringing families together to enjoy the wonders of the outdoors.

Sumner Peck Ranch features access to the San Joaquin River. Your family will find respite along the riverbank, where the flow of water will create a soothing backdrop to the day’s adventures. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy after you’ve picked your share of fruit. Picnic tables are available near the river with views of the Valley Oak forest at Ledger Island, located across the river from Sumner Peck Ranch.

In addition to the cultivated farmland at Sumner Peck Ranch, the property features acres of native wildlife habitat. Your family can enjoy looking for clues left behind by the wild creatures that call the San Joaquin River home. Deer tracks and raccoon prints are commonly found along the ranch roads and in the muddy areas near the river. You might discover feathers or animal scat documenting the presence of raptors, coyotes, or bobcats. Birdwatchers can marvel at the many bird species found in the area, from the majestic bald eagle to the numerous songbirds that add to the melody of sounds at Sumner Peck Ranch. As you look out across the water, you may see a great blue heron or great egret poised and ready to snatch a fish from the river. Sumner Peck Ranch provides a living canvas where your family can watch wildlife, fostering a deeper understanding of the San Joaquin River ecosystem.  

Visiting Sumner Peck Ranch is an excellent introduction to the family-friendly recreational opportunities available throughout the 22-mile San Joaquin River Parkway. There is ample open space for children to engage in exploration and unstructured play, fostering creativity and curiosity. At the end of the day’s adventures, you might also find a sense of wonder and inspiration to spend more time outside together as a family.

The River Parkway Trust is committed to providing opportunities for the community to enjoy the Parkway and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of spending time in green spaces. Through various outdoor education and recreation programs, the Trust supports people of all ages in learning about, exploring, and building a connection to the natural environment of the San Joaquin River. With seasonal River Camp programs, public Open House days hosted by the Trust’s Youth Parkway Ambassadors, and seasonal family nature hikes, your family has many opportunities to get outside on the San Joaquin River Parkway.

Visiting Sumner Peck Ranch for U-Pick Fruit Picking

• Sumner Peck Ranch is located at 14439 N. Friant Road in the community of Friant.

• U-Pick hours of operation are Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

• U-Pick seasons are dependent on weather conditions and fruit ripeness; visit the Trust’s website at for the most up-to-date information.

• The Trust does not require advance registration for U-Pick days.

• Visitors are encouraged to bring a bag, basket, or bucket for fruit picking.

• Citrus is currently available for $1.50 per pound, and blueberries will be available for $4 per pound beginning in late spring.

• U-Pick fruit can be purchased in the mobile home near the river. Cash, credit cards, and Apple/Tap Pay are accepted.

• Maps of the property, with each citrus variety marked, are available in the mobile home on site.

• Long pants and closed-toed shoes are recommended.

• Visitors should be prepared to hike a ¼ mile from the parking area to the orchard.

Sumner Peck Ranch is open daily during Solitary Cellars operating hours, 12–5 p.m.

About the River Parkway Trust: The River Parkway Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created in 1988 to establish a 33-mile greenway along the San Joaquin River in the Fresno/Madera region. The organization focuses on the 22-mile reach of the river between Friant Dam and State Highway 99, known as the San Joaquin River Parkway. The River Parkway Trust’s mission is to preserve and restore San Joaquin River lands of ecological, scenic, or historic significance, to educate the public on the need for stewardship, to research issues affecting the river, and to promote educational, recreational, and agricultural uses of the river bottom consistent with the protection of the river’s resources. More information about the organization’s programs and projects is available at

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