Education Articles

Back to School in 2020
by Melissa Metzger

Back. To. School. As a teacher, these are currently the three words that give me the most anxiety—cue the suspense music! Normally by this time…Read More


When Your Child Needs A Tutor
by Kathryn Wage

Learning was difficult for eight-year-old Amy. She was having trouble with verbal expression, hand writing and the academic skills that…Read More


Back-to-School Blues
by Christina Katz

Teacher-student cooperation is an important alliance that starts at home and affects a child’s entire academic career. Having positive…Read More


Back to Basics
by Malia Jacobson

When kids begin school, they’re not the only ones learning–parents have homework, too. At the outset of a fresh school year, particularly…Read More


Engaging the Daydreamer
by Christa Melnyk Hines

When my son’s second grade teacher told me that he often appeared to “check out” during the school day, I was concerned. But I wasn’t…Read More


Prepare for Preschool
by Denise Yearian

Preschool is a wonderful time of growth in a young child’s life–a time to broaden his horizons, develop social skills and ignite a…Read More


Parent-Teacher Conferences
by Jan Pierce

Whether it’s your first parent-teacher conference or the twentieth, your probably get sweaty palms upon entering the classroom at your assigned…Read More


Help Your Child Succeed
by Janeen Lewis

When you think of the new school year do you envision stacks of books, piles of unfinished assignments and late-night study…Read More


Screen Scene
by Malia Jacobson

Sarah Stetner is proudly raising two young techies. Her sons Gabriel, 3, and Isaiah, 6, are media mavens who know their…Read More


Kicking Off Kindergarten
by Christa Melnyk Hines

For many parents, kindergarten signals an important transition from the all-consuming baby and toddler years. Suddenly, your…Read More


Seeds of School Success
by Ashley Talmadge

Kids are notoriously reticent when it comes to divulging details of their school lives. Questions from parents often receive…Read More


Fire Up A Reluctant Reader
by Christa Melnyk Hines

Studies find that kids with a zest for reading acquire stronger vocabulary and writing skills and a better understanding of…Read More


ABC Read with Me
by Heather Lee Leap

Whether they are toddlers or teens, reading with your children will enhance their education while strengthening your connections as…Read More


Prod your child out of procrastinating
by Gayla Grace

As I overheard a conversation with a parent discussing her child’s routine and the late hour the child completed her homework …Read More


Middle School Madness
by Anna Carlson

Middle school can be tough on both parents and kids. It’s a time of drastic change. Not only are kids moving on to new schools with…Read More


Math Projects that Make Summer Count
by Heidi Smith Luedtke

Lazy summer days give kids a chance to unwind, but time out of school causes kids to forget academics…Read More


Finish the School Year Strong
by Heidi Smith Luedtke

Don’t let spring fever and summer vacation planning interrupt academics: skills students learn from April…Read More