Eco-Friendly Fish

By Megan Murray Elsener

Dig through that recycle bin and turn a plastic water bottle into an undersea creation. With just some paint and eyes, those reused bottles can take on a new existence.

1. Take a clean and dry water bottle and flatten it. Draw or freehand cut a fishtail about halfway up from the bottom of the bottle. Cut through the whole bottle at the same time to create the tail. Make sure there aren’t any sharp edges.

2. With the cap on the top of the bottle, unflatten the bottle back to its original rounded shape. Use the paintbrush to paint inside of the water bottle with as many colors or designs as desired.

3. Once the paint dries, flatten the body portion of the fish and staple the sides of the bottle to create the body. Keep the head portion rounded.

4. Glue on googly eyes, one on each side of the fish head.

5. Remove the cap to create the fish mouth.

6. Use a hole punch on the top portion and loop string through to hang up and display the eco-friendly fish.

• Empty clear plastic water bottle with cap
• Paint (tempura or acrylic)
• Scissors
• Paintbrush
• Stapler
• Hole punch
• Glue (craft clue or glue stick)
• Googly eyes
• Yarn or string

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