Turkey Leaf Candles
by Megan Murray Elsener

Gobble gobble! Get in the holiday mood by creating your own turkey leaf lanterns for some festive décor on your Thanksgiving table. Pick your….Read More


DIY Valentine Backyard Birdfeeder
by Caitlin Murray Giles

This “valentine” is a simple way to show our kids that we need to love all living things (and not all hearts are made of chocolate!)….Read More


Make Your Own Snow Dough
by Megan Murray Elsener

We know bitter cold and foggy days are coming. Prepare yourself with a few household supplies for this easy project that will keep the…Read More


Reindeer Candy Canes
by Megan Murray Elsener

Candy canes are everywhere right now, and who doesn’t love the taste of peppermint! So pick up a box to create these adorable candy…Read More


Chocolate Pilgrim Hats
by Megan Murray Elsener

Thanksgiving is about more than just the turkey, and these adorable little custom pilgrim hats give a nod to the history of the holiday…Read More


Mummy Lanters
by Megan Murray Elsener

As Halloween’s dark and frightful night approaches, take time to create your own eerie and ghostly mummy lanterns to decorate your…Read More


Eco-Friendly Fish
by Megan Murray Elsener

Dig through that recycle bin and turn a plastic water bottle into an undersea creation. With just some paint and eyes, those reused…Read More


Pencil Frame Photos
by Megan Murray Elsener

Break out those No. 2 pencils for more than just back-to-school supplies and tests. They are an ideal decoration to create frames to…Read More


Sizzling Sidewalk Paint
by Megan Murray Elsener

School is finally out and the best season of the year has arrived! Skip the expensive store-bought sidewalk paint and make this easy…Read More


DIY Sidewalk Chalk
by Megan Murray Elsener

Nothing is better than being outside all day long and soaking up the summer. With your own homemade sidewalk chalk, make your own….Read More


Mother’s Day Mugs
by Megan Murray Elsener

Whether you are looking for a Mother’s Day project for all the mamas in your life or just a great craft, these mugs are a must….Read More


Homemade Bouncy Balls
by Megan Murray Elsener

Put some spring into your step with these simple homemade bouncy balls. They require just a few materials from around the house, only….Read More


Cherry Blossom Flowers
by Megan Murray Elsener

Each year at the end of March, the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., celebrates springtime and signifies friendship….Read More


Paper Heart Wreath
by Megan Murray Elsener

With just some pretty paper and glue dots, you can make heart-filled wreaths to hang around the house for some added love and….Read More


Crystal Beauties
by Megan Murray Elsener

As winter firmly takes hold, this fun science project is a great way to spend a cold afternoon inside Use pipe cleaners to create….Read More


Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cones
by Megan Murray Elsener

Around the holidays, homemade presents can be the perfect thoughtful gift for teachers, party hostesses or friends….Read More


Pom-Pom Turkeys
by Megan Murray Elsener

When you think of Thanksgiving, you inevitably think about turkey! And what better way to prepare for the holiday than…Read More


Rock Monsters
by Megan Murray Elsener

Comb the beach, river banks, or your backyard to find the perfect flat and smooth rocks. Just in time for Halloween…Read More


Melted Crayon Canvas
by Megan Murray Elsener

Back-to-school means back-to-school supply shopping. Who doesn’t remember the joy of fresh pencils, crayons and markers…Read More


Patriotic Candles
by Megan Murray Elsener

There can never be too much red, white and blue to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day. These easy and inexpensive…Read More


Dad Rocks Paperweight
by Megan Murray Elsener

With the end of the school year and start of summer activities, Father’s Day often creeps up with much preparation. This craft is a great…Read More


Stunning Silhouettes
by Megan Murray Elsener

Nothing can be sweeter than the profiles of your little ones. With this craft, you can create your own personalized custom silhouettes…Read More


Eggshell Flower Pots
by Megan Murray Elsener

With Easter around the corner, there are inevitably plenty of eggs around the house. Beyond just dying eggs this year, use cracked…Read More


Blooming Cupcake Bouquets
by Megan Murray Elsener

Declare your love and impress your valentines this year with your own cutom-made flower bouquet that will never wilt….Read More


Light Bulb Snowman
by Megan Murray Elsener

When it’s just too cold to play outside, this easy craft allows you to create your own snowman in the warmth of your home.  With just a…Read More


Snowflake Soaps
by Caitlin Murray Giles

These homemade soaps make thoughtful and practical holiday gifts—ones kids proudly can say they helped create…Read More


Mugs for Moms
by Caitlin Murray Giles

Most moms have simple expectations when it comes to Mother’s Day presents. All we really want is a big “thanks for everything you do”…Read More


Tie-Dyed Eggs
by Caitlin Murray Giles

Dyeing Easter eggs is an eagerly anticipated annual tradition at our house, but I like to try new techniques from time to time to keep…Read More


Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs
by Caitlin Murray Giles

This Easter, skip the store-bought egg-dyeing kit and experiment with natural dyes found in your own kitchen. Natural dyes provide…Read More


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