Blooming Cupcake Bouquets

Make these floral bunches for your favorite valentines

By Megan Murray Elsener

Declare your love and impress your valentines this year with your own cutom-made flower bouquet that will never wilt. With four simple supplies, you’ll have blooming buds in a matter of minutes. Find festive cupcake liners in shades of pink, reds, and whites to create a one-of-a-kind bouquet.

• Cupcake liners
• Green pipe cleaners
• Take-out boxes or containers
• Crinkle paper or tissue paper


1. Use three cupcake liners per flower and arrange them together by flattening out and fluffing the liners as desired.

2. Thread one end of the pipe cleaner through the center of the three-cupcake liners together. Take the other end and thread it through nearby to make a little green stem visable in the top center of the flower.

3. Twist the two ends of the pipe cleaner together to create a stem underneath the flower.

4. Fold down the sides of your take-out box or container on the inside. Fill the box with crinkle paper, shredded paper or tissue paper.

5. Stick the twisted pipe cleaner flower into the paper in the container.

6. Make as many flowers as you want for your bouquet. You should make at least four or five to fill the container.

7. Arrange the flowers in your bouquet and deliver to your favorite valentine!

Megan Murray Elsener is a Chicago mother of three.