Appreciate and Celebrate Dads

Since Father’s Day is around the corner, let’s take the time to celebrate and appreciate these important loved ones. Whether you spend this holiday celebrating your children’s father, your own father, or another important father figure in your life, the same sentiment applies—Dads have a unique role in our lives!

Active Fun

While moms are superheroes in their own way, Dads tend to have a knack for active play. I love watching my kids run around and play with their dad. He will chase them on the playground, carry them on his shoulders, set up the sprinklers, and take the lead on all of the energetic types of activities. And sure, I will join in on the craziness from time to time, but it’s not my strength. It’s nice to know that my kids can have that type of relationship with their dad, and when it’s time to wind down and switch to a calmer activity, then it’s my time to shine.

Fresh Patience

As a work-from-home mom, my energy and patience is usually drained by the end of each and every day. The demands are constant, and there have been phases of life where I was counting down the minutes until my husband walked through the door. I know that I’m very lucky to have this type of partner, and I don’t take that lightly! When Dad gets home, he has a fresh supply of patience for the kids and is ready to switch from work-mode to dad-mode. This gives me a bit of a break, and I am able to temporarily switch my focus.

Sense of Humor

Dad is always ready with a funny story or a silly joke when we need a distraction. He can keep the kids entertained on long car rides, lovingly tease everyone at family gatherings, and bring a smile to my face when I’m taking life too seriously. I love that the dads in my life seem to have kept a little bit of their boyish mischief and are able to bring that humor to everyday life.

Know It All

There seems to be a dad thing where over the years, they gradually become a jack-of-all-trades. One house project at a time, they turn into a resident handyman who always wants to at least try to fix something before calling the professionals. Dads also seem to pride themselves on collecting little tidbits of knowledge. They know a lot about a lot! And whether it’s truly helpful or just entertaining, it is something I have grown to appreciate.

Little Moments

I also truly appreciate that my husband will make the most of mundane moments. It is easy to get stuck in our normal routines, but he is quick to make even a normal weeknight more memorable! If the kids want to make s’mores on a random Tuesday, he will make a fire in the backyard. When he tucks the kids into bed, he turns old stories into new silly versions. If he needs to run to the store, he’ll turn it into a fun mission with the kids. Those little moments are what our kids will remember most when they look back on their childhood, and that warms my heart.

So here’s a big, “Thank You!” to the father figures in our lives. Thank you for being larger than life. Thank you for being our rock. Thank you for being so selfless. Thank you for being you.