An Honorable Veterans Day

By Silva Emerian

Whether it’s the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard or Coast Guard, veterans from all branches of the military are honored every year on Veterans Day, November 11.

Not to be confused with Memorial Day, which honors those who died while in service, Veterans Day celebrates the service of all United States military veterans. Because it’s a federal holiday, some workers may have the day off and many students will not have school that day.

Veterans Day is a great day to teach your children about the history of the holiday and the sacrifice of those who have served.

Many cities have Veterans Day parades to honor their local service men and women. Look up your city’s parade at and plan to attend with your children.

Ask your children’s teachers to invite a veteran to their classroom to share their experiences. There’s nothing like a first-person account to help students understand what it’s really like to serve in the military and understand why it’s so important to observe this holiday.

Have your kids make a thank you card for a veteran. They can give it to a veteran they know personally, perhaps a grandparent, neighbor or a family friend. If they don’t know a veteran personally, maybe they can make a handful of cards and visit a local VA Hospital or medical center and brighten someone’s day.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to educate your children and help them appreciate the incredible sacrifice and dedication of our service men and women this Veterans Day!


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