Activity Articles

Get Your STEM On
by Jan Pierce

“Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: STEM. That’s what the education buzz is about these days. And with good reason. The future job…Read More


Picnics, Play Time, and Popsicles
by Pam Molnar

“What I did over summer vacation” is a classic back to school assignment. Faced with a blank page, kids often only remember the big moments…Read More


It’s A Match!
by Lara Krupicka

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there is a strong association between kids’ participation in extracurricular…Read More


Camp Mom
by Megan Murray Elsener

School’s out and summer days are long. Instead of dreading summer break, embrace the time with your kids and make your own fun for little…Read More


8 Summer Water Activities for Kids
by Tiffany Doerr Guerzon

In the dog days of summer, kids love to cool off by playing in water, but they get tired of the same old sprinkler or kiddie pool. Here are…Read More


Life Lessons From The Garden
by Beth Davis

Whether it becomes an acre of bountiful harvest or just some cucumbers and tomatoes for your summertime salads, garden offer you an…Read More


Tips For Gardening With Kids
by Kerrie McLoughlin

Composting is a fun, green aspect of gardening because kids get to toss “trash” into the garden (egg shells, coffee grounds, fruit and…Read More


Warming Your Kids Up To Poetry
by Heather Lee Leap

Poetry suffers an undeserved reputation as something cool and standoffish, but that may be because poems are so often left to lie flat and…Read More


Say Yes to Summer Fun
by Pam Molnar

Summer is the best time to be a kid. School is out, the weather is great and each day promises a new adventure. At least that…Read More


Mud: The New Medicine
by Ashley Talmadge

Kids love mud—it’s just a fact. Whether it’s the batter for fresh muffins, or the build material for mini dams and roadways…Read More


Hikes for Little Feet
by Silva Emerian

While FaceTiming with my sister recently, she turned the camera on her phone to her backyard. I saw a…Read More


Get Outdoors!
by Heidi Smith Luedtke

As chilly winter weather gives way to the green of springtime, kids and parents alike are draw to the great outdoors…Read More


Kid Collections
by Jan Pierce

Have you noticed that any time you’re outside with children they naturally begin to pick things up and “collect” them? It’s part of their…Read More




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