It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Central California Parent  introduced the tenth annual 12 Days of Giveaways! Every day featured a giveaway starting on December 1st and ending on December 12th. A different giveaway was associated with each of the 12 days in December.

Even though our 12 Days of Giveaways is over, we still have plenty of fun giveaways in store! Stay connected with us for weekly giveaways beginning in the New Year.

Happy Holidays!

Day 1: Christmas Time is Here

Elf Pets®: A Saint Bernard Tradition is a heartwarming tale encouraging children to perform acts of kindness throughout the Christmas season alongside the Saint Bernard pup included in the boxed set. Learn how helping others creates the Christmas cheer Santa needs to fulfill his Christmas Eve duties!

Light up game night with Tangled Twistmas, the card game with a twist. Match colored lights side to side to create a complete strand without getting the Scout Elf all tangled in knots. Fun for The Elf on the Shelf® fans of all ages!

In the good old days, the elves made toys by hand at Santa’s workshop, but times have changed. The North Pole modernized, and was born. Now, Christmas wishes are fulfilled by robotic candy cane arms and delivered by peppermint drones…until Cyber Scrooge hacks the system! Little Yo-Yo the elf thinks they still have a chance to save Christmas, but can the reindeer still fly? And more importantly, will Santa come out of retirement?

Gnome for the Holidays, illustrated by Anita Ashfield-Salter, features a gaggle of goofy gnomes that are so excited to count down the days to Christmas. This festive and fun calendar features charming gnomes that are perfect to adorn your tree—your gnomes will be right at home. These charming illustrations of gnomes (plus, the puntastic jokes that each gnome reveals) will appeal to the whole family and become a beloved Christmas tradition for kids and adults alike.

Deadline was December 1st at midnight!

Day 2: Pretty in Pink

Meet the beautiful interactive Hatchimals Unicorn, Hatchicorn. With over 60 sounds, light patterns, and reactions, Hatchicorn is packed with interactivity and is full of fun surprises. Hatch the included collEGGtible eggs to reveal two exclusive Hatchimals Babies. Put Babies on the back of the Hatchicorn for special reactions. Hatchicorn also reacts with other collEGGtibles. Place any collEGGtible in the basket for even more special reactions. The Hatchicorn also comes with a comb to brush its luscious rainbow mane!

Friendship meets fashion with the Hello Kitty and Friends Loves Purse Pets Collection! These stylish and super cute kawaii interactive Purse Pets look just like your favorite Sanrio characters. They respond to your touch, really blink, and have over 30 sounds and reactions from the world of Hello Kitty and Friends! My Melody features her pink fleece hoodie, floppy ears, and an adjustable printed strap. When you’re out on an adventure, your My Melody Purse Pet will blink and make sounds as she interacts with you!

The Original digital pet you loved in 1997 is back with a taffy stone shell! With original generation 2 programming, you feed it, clean up after it, take care of it, and even discipline it if it’s bothering you when it doesn’t need you! Plus, you can play the Numbers game! How you take care of your Tamagotchi and how you do in the game, determines which Adult Tamagotchi you’ll get!

Deadline was December 2nd at midnight!

Day 3: Expect-A-Patronus

Bring the magic of Harry Potter to life with the Wizarding World Magical Minis Diagon Alley 3-in-1 playset! This Wizarding World playset is the ultimate setting for your adventures, with three Diagon Alley shops included: Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, Eeylops Owl Emporium, and Florian Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour! Featuring two exclusive 3-inch Hermione Granger and Fred Weasley dolls, 21 accessories, and lights and sounds, Diagon Alley is a must-have toy for Harry Potter fans. Connect the shops any way you want and get straight to the fun!

Harry Potter Catch the Golden Snitch is a fast-paced game that will delight both Muggles and Wizards alike! Place the Quidditch set in the center of the table to start the match. There are no turns in this game—pass the cards around the table and try to grab pairs as fast as you can to score points while blocking your opponents. Try to avoid the flying bludgers and keep an eye out for the Golden Snitch, which can fly out of the box at any moment—catch it and score extra points!

Deadline was December 3rd at midnight!

Day 4: Spring Into The Season

This Spider-Man 3-Foot Trampoline for Toddler and Kids by Delta Children is a fun way for kids to play with their favorite web-slinging superhero. Featuring a padded bungee system, non-skid feet for stability, plus a removable handlebar and foldable design for easy storage, it’s a safe option for your toddler or child. This fun toy promotes active play and helps kids build fine motor skills, develop balance, improve coordination, and instills healthy habits at an early age, this trampoline will entertain for hours!

Deadline was December 4th at midnight!

Day 5: Mystery Monday

It’s a super secret mystery today! This mystery prize is recommended for children ages 3–8. It is perfect for little ones who love games and puzzles!

Deadline was December 5th at midnight!

Day 6: Build & Battle

Introducing GIGABOTS, an exciting new take on action figures! This line of 13” fully articulated figures lets kids build, transform, and battle—and then re-build and battle over and over again! Each figure starts as a plastic capsule which not only has alI the pieces needed to assemble the GIGABOT, but also becomes part of the build. It’s the ultimate unboxing experience!

Deadline was December 6th at midnight!

Day 7: Tiny Techies

Help little ones care for themselves and learn about time-telling with VTech® My First Kidi Smartwatch™. Get extra help with potty training by setting 30-, 60- or 90-minute reminders. Keep little smiles healthy with the Brush Your Teeth reminder or get them to sleep on time with a chime that tells them when to get ready for bed. Kids will love taking this digital doggie on all their adventures while learning a little responsibility along the way. Give the pup a name and care for them right on screen. This super-talented pup can even be taught to do 20 tricks and will celebrate with barks and confetti. Intended for ages 3-5 years.

Explore exciting new ways to learn with the LeapFrog® LeapStart® Learning Success Bundle™  interactive system. This system with a sleek, new design grows with your child and gets them excited about learning with interactive touch-and-talk pages. Activities that include games, puzzles, and creative challenges enhance learning to help kids build math, reading, problem-solving skills and more. The easy-to-hold stylus is comfortable for kids of all ages, promotes proper writing grip and neatly clicks into the cover for storage.

Deadline was December 7th at midnight!

Day 8: Cuddly Critters

P.Lushes Pets are 6” designer chic plush friends with stylish fabrics, luxe finishes, and sassy personalities. Heidi Fluffson is a super-luxe white bunny whose faux-mink fabric is as fluffy as freshly fallen snow. Tara McNeigh is a high-spirited horse decked out in a trendy and festive tartan pattern. Mischa von Mush is a gorgeous Siberian husky who’s prepared for the coldest days with her luxurious two-toned fur.

Cable and Ripple Toothpick bears are unique 15” plush teddy bears inspired by an all-time favorite bear, Toothpick! Known for their uniquely slim shape, they have structured bodies and oversized, playfully floppy limbs allowing them to pose for any plush collection or act as eye-catchingly adorable room décor. 

Drops are a gotta have ‘em all line of soft, huggable, and expressive 6” plush animals. These cute, whimsical characters have different facial expressions, oversized heads, and tiny drop-shaped bodies filled with beans—you’ll want to squish and collect them all! The new Holiday Series includes Ginny Ginger, Benny Burr, and Webster Waddles.

Deadline was December 8th at midnight!

Day 9: Family Game Night

What’s school without math?! Hog Wild Toys T.A.P.E.S. is a fun, family-friendly game that makes measuring, well, fun! Take turns guessing the dimensions of things, not just in inches or centimeters—but in somewhat bizarre units of measurement like gummy bears, baseballs caps, or even wiener dogs!

Cake-N-Bake Challenge from Hey Buddy Hey Pal, is a totally different kind of action-packed family game with a delicious, rainbow-layer, foam cake as the center of attention! Race to stack cake slices based on the order on a game card. The first to correctly stack their cake wins a candle, and whoever collects six candles wins!

Avast me hearties! This newest kid’s action game, BLACKBEARD’S TREASURE HUNT from Vango, has all the pirate-loving tropes for young swashbucklers! Follow the treasure map, unlock a treasure chest, and collect the booty of gold doubloons that spill out of the Chest! Yo ho ho—this sounds like a lot of fun!

In this fun family board game, you will absorb details of Elizabethan England as well as learn loads of references to Shakespeare’s plays. The winner is the player whose plays take the most money at the box office, and the fastest in the race to fame and glory. The Shakespeare Game is the perfect gift for bardolaters, board game enthusiasts, and theatergoers.

Tongue Tied! Show & Tell! Second Hand! Sound Off! Kahootz! isn’t your grandma’s charades. Great fun for a group of any size. Players spell words that match a specific category and have the correct number of matching letters. The letters can be used in any order, and only the fastest player to use them will collect the card used in each round. The player with the most cards at the end wins!

Be the first to think of a word using all the letters that fit the category card to score. In Word Bits, players spell words that match a specific category and have the correct number of matching letters. The letters can be used in any order, and only the fastest player to use them will collect the card used in each round. The player with the most cards at the end wins!

Deadline was December 9th at midnight!

Day 10: Kids in the Kitchen

Realistic action, lights, and sound—your child will enjoy a real pretend experience with Red Toolbox’s Tasty Jr Pretend Play 4-in-1 Playset that has everything they can dream of for cooking in the kitchen. This fun set includes a mixer, blender, toaster, and oven along with fun and yummy food items! Each appliance features a set of realistic buttons that can be pressed, spun, and more for hours of endless fun!

The Recipe-A-Day Kids Cookbook from Food Network Magazine gives young cooks a reason to celebrate every day! In this colorful cookbook, there’s an easy and exciting recipe for every occasion, big and small, whether it’s the first day of school, a big birthday, or just a lazy Sunday. While this cookbook was created for kids ages 8–12, the whole family can have fun together, try new things, and make everyday food a little more special!

Deadline was December 10th at midnight!

Day 11: Little Builders

Playing with Geomag teaches children about turn-taking, sharing and problem-solving, collaboration, and even leadership. Geomag’s Glitter range is popular with parents and children alike and it is easy to see why; a great selection of bright, sparkly glittery rods and panels mixed with shiny spheres allows children to mix sets, share and build together at home, the playground, or park. Glitter is great fun, whether constructing with friends or building alone, children are free to create star-studded creations that will drive envious smiles. 

Experience a new dimension of creativity with the Pixobitz Studio! This DIY studio has everything you need to make your own 3D and 2D pixel art creations that stick together with water. The Pixobitz Studio features 500 Bitz (cube-shaped water fuse beads) in 10 colors, 14 accessories, over 100 water transfer decos, four easy-to-use tools, two trays, and three template cards. Following the templates in this bead kit, make 12 amazing end results, including cool avatars, adorable animals, photo holders, a boombox, skateboard, and more—or design your own unique creations. Creating with Pixobitz is as easy as stack, spray, and style! 

Creatto is a simple yet versatile building system that consists of just two primary components that can be woven together into countless 3D creations. The flexible yet durable plastic tiles interlock quickly and easily for all skill levels; no additional materials or hardware required! What will you create?

Deadline was December 11th at midnight!

Day 12: Creative Minds

Wacom Intuos Pro offers you more natural creative control than ever before. Combined with the super-sensitive Wacom Pro Pen 2, this sleek new tablet looks and feels amazing. Like to start your projects on paper? The Paper Edition enables you to automatically convert paper sketches into digital files, as you draw. Perfect for your next creative breakthrough!

Deadline was December 12th at midnight!

The deadline for each day was at midnight on the giveaway day (e.g. Deadline to enter for Day 6 was December 6th at midnight and we drew the winner on December 7th.)

Odds were dependent on number of entries received for each giveaway. No purchase was necessary to enter. One entry per giveaway per family. Giveaways were open to families living in Central California. Random drawings were held December 2nd–13th, 2022. Winners were notified by the phone or email provided. Prizes must be claimed from CCP office by December 16th, 2022.

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