12 Days of Giveaways

Central California Parent introduced the seventh annual 12 Days of Giveaways and we had so many readers participate! Every day was a giveaway starting on December 1st and ending on December 12th. A different giveaway was associated with each of the 12 days in December.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Day 1: Dart Day

From BuzzBee Toys, comes the Mutator which offers unparalleled versatility! Users can expand the barrel, transform the blaster, and select distance blasting up to 100 feet or use the extreme accuracy with PrecisePro darts. Adventure Force Max Morpher is a 4-in-1 dart blaster that will transform right before your eyes! Fold out the stock or fold out the barrel to use the blaster in either pistol or rifle position. With blasting power up to 100 feet, you can easily keep the competition away!

Deadline was December 1st at midnight!

Day 2: Mystery Monday

Shh…It’s our secret for today! Today’s prize is sure to please!

Deadline was December 2nd at midnight!

Day 3: Hanukkah Day

Mitzvah Moose, the latest introduction from Jewish brand The Mensch on a Bench, includes a storybook and an adorable plush moose doll. Cuddle up with Mitzvah Moose, this Hanukkah and enjoy the inspiring 17 page story whereby Moshe, your favorite mensch, ends up encountering a Moose whose antlers won’t glow. As Moshe and the moose begin to do good deeds, the candles begin to illuminate! Mitzvah Moose makes it even more exciting for your family to do good deeds this Hanukkah season. What good deeds will they accomplish? Will all the candles on the Moose light up? Join Moshe and Mitzvah Moose as they journey on their path of doing good deeds, together!

It’s a Mitzvah! by Julie Merberg is a fun first taste of preschooler-friendly mitzvahs. Clever, humorous illustrations accompany rhyming text about important Jewish dos and don’ts. From respecting parents and grandparents and feeding the hungry to telling the truth and repairing the world (“tikkun olam”), each page highlights a different mitzvah in a way that’s engaging and totally relatable for kids two years of age and older. This adorable introduction to mitzvahs doubles as an early guide socially conscious behavior.

Let’s learn Yiddish with The Mensch on a Bench! Not only does the mensch talk, but he teaches too! With over 12 fun and educational phrases, the talking mensch doll will help teach families popular Jewish phrases and words in Yiddish. Phrases and words such as “Tuchis and Zayde,” or “Oy Vey and Nosh.” Bring more Funukkah to Hanukkah with the Talking Mensch on a Bench.

Deadline was December 3rd at midnight!

Day 4: Family Game Day

King of the Ring is a fast paced, sumo wrestler-themed action game that challenges players to launch their characters up into the ring, knock others out of their way, all in a quest to be declared the king of the ring! 

In Fish for Fish, campers race to ‘spear’ and catch the most fish. Kids use the suction cup spear to collect as many fish as they can. Each fish has a point value, the player with the most points wins the game.

Oops Scoops is a fun game where players compete to build the tallest ice cream scoop tower on “Oops” the shaking ice cream cone, but beware, Oops can shiver to make the scoop tower topple! If the scoops fall on your turn then OOPS—you lose!

In Zing Pong, players race to land their ball in the last cup. Be quick or you will have to drink the gross concoction found on the Zing Pong Mixture Card. A dose of gross!

Deadline was December 4th at midnight!

Day 5: SpongeBob Day

Soak in every moment of nautical nonsense from the past two glorious decades with SpongeBob SquarePants: The Best 200 Episodes Ever. Come along for a Krusty Krab pizza delivery, be ugly and proud, prove you’re tough enough for the Salty Spitoon, and tide the Fiery Fist O’ Pain at Glove World. This nine-season collection will make every day the best day every!

Dress up as your favorite SpongeBob SquarePants characters with SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeHeads. The 20” soft, inflatable headwear is made to fit most kid and adults heads, SpongeHeads allow fans of all ages to show off their favorite characters in a silly fashion-statement.

Stretch SpongeBob’s arms and legs with SpongeBob StretchPants. Each limb extends to 12 inches and activates over 20 unique silly sounds and phrases from SpongeBob himself.

Celebrate Christmas under the sea in Bikini Bottom! The SpongeBob SquarePants Giggle Blaster features a real working periscope, the fun-themed blaster sprays aerosol party string (included,) and shouts over 15 SpongeBob phrases and sounds.

Deadline was December 5th at midnight!

Day 6: Little Builders Day

My Fairy Garden® Nature Cottage is a charming flower pot where the fairy Isla lives! Use the included seeds to grow a real garden on top and along the bottom! Or leave the bottom area open and add water to make a peaceful stream! Excess water trickles down into the water barrel, and children can use the barrel to water their garden. Place the adorable bug house on top to offer shelter for sweet ladybugs, and hang the whimsical wind spinner for added decor! Open the lovely doors to go inside and play, or swing open the back of the pot to access extra fun space! There’s also a balcony on top! Children will have fun tending to their garden and playing with Isla and her tea set! It’s a great collectible line for children ages 4 and up.

Marbleocity introduces engineering & physics concepts via dynamic model kits that are made of real wood with Triple Play 4-Bar Link. Each “marble machine” kit includes a comic staring the “Tinkineers” that  teaches a STEM lesson. The principles in the comic are then reinforced through the construction of the model. The finished product is a beautiful, showpiece-quality kinetic sculpture that really works! Connect some models for even more marble fun! Build a model of four-bar linkage! Use the hand crank or attach a motor (sold separately) to watch the marbles ascend and then flip-flop down again! It’s part of the first Marbleocity marble machine line to feature colorful plastic accents! Perfect for beginners; one hour build time. Triple Play models can connect to one another for bigger fun!  

HABA’s classic building box just got better! This basic kit is ideal for exploring what Hubelino has to offer. Hubelino Basic Building Set includes two base plates, lots of run elements, building blocks and of course marbles. New elements mean even more possibilities for building different marble runs! Use the booklet as a sample or for simple inspiration to build your own.

My First Farm is a farm set for toddlers which playfully introduces them into the BRIO wooden railway system. This frustration-free train set will give small children hours of fun and help teach them about farmyard animals. The five wooden animals fit into the animal wagon ready to be transported by train to the farm. Each animal also comes with three distinct sounds, which are activated automatically when placed in the farm meadow. Learning about animals has never been so much fun!

Deadline was December 6th at midnight!

Day 7: Paw Patrol Day

Attention Paw Patrol fans! Get lost in the Paw Patrol World with this paw-some collection of DVDs! Join Marshall, Chase, Skye, and the rest of the pack for some fun adventures! Paw Patrol: Jungle Rescues, Paw Patrol: Pawsome Collection, Paw Patrol: The Great Pirate Rescue, Paw Patrol: Pups Save Puplantis, and Paw Patrol: Ultimate Rescue.

Deadline was December 7th at midnight!

Day 8: Let It Snow Day

It’s snow secret that the slopes will be shredded this winter. Besides being comfier than those old plastic slabs you’ve been using, our giant inflatable Snowman Snow Tube has a lot more personality. Simply inflate, find a snowy hill, then grab the comfort grip handles and take off. The thick, durable construction provides a smooth and cushy ride for sledders of all ages.

Get ready for a snow day that is out of this world! When the weather forecast is predicting an arctic blast-off, it’s time to call up your best bud and schedule a slope session. Besides being comfier than those old plastic slabs you’ve been using, our giant inflatable Rocket Ship Snow Sled has enough room for two.

Deadline was December 8th at midnight!

Day 9: Future Scientist Day

Scientific Explorer Veterinary Science teaches kids what it takes to become a Veterinary physician and the work that they perform for animals. Simulate Veterinary X-ray and Sonograms with Red and Blue Lenses that reveal the insides of animals on 4 different posters. Close-up wounds and cuts with the soft plastic suture training skin, plastic surgical tweezers, needle and thread. Create a cat anatomy poster with paper parts, mold a plaster pup, and learn how to make casts for broken bones. Mix and make gelly Ticks. Learn about the 4 common types of ticks and which ones can cause illness.

Scientific Explorer Confectionery Science lets kids satisfy their sweet tooth while learning science facts! Make and decorate a sugar skull to learn about sugar density. Make rock candy, gummy gems, and chocolate lollipops.

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Biology is the grossest, most revolting kit available that will educate your child with nasty experiments on what actually grows on their own body, what’s really in their teeth, and the explanations behind our unmentionable, smelly bodily functions. Disgusting Biology investigates your child’s everyday questions like “What makes you pass gas?”, “Do creatures really live on me?” and more. Your young scientist will be fascinated to learn fun facts about these body parts, by-products, and will be grossed out as they take science to a whole new level by creating a stinky intestine, slimy snot, fake blood and learn how to grow friendly molds and bacteria.

Your budding scientist will love using their imagination with the Discovery Ultimate Science Experiment Kit. With instructions and materials for three different projects, your child can make slime, excavate gemstones, and even create a working volcano! Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Deadline was December 9th at midnight!

Day 10: Harry Potter Day

Imagine being invisible? Imagine no more! This official Warner Bros. Invisibility Cloak Costume perfectly replicates the original cloak’s magical effects! Save your invisible scenes! Save photos or video to your smartphone or tablet’s camera roll for instant recall. Vanish from view with this amazing Harry Potter toy and collector item. The perfect Harry Potter dress up or Cosplay for kids, adults and Harry Potter fans of all ages. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the simple to use Android and iOS Apps make you appear invisible in seconds!

Deadline was December 10th at midnight!

Day 11: Under The Sea Day

Explore underwater worlds at the Aquarium. Stand on the visitor’s bridge and watch as the sea lion jumps through the hoop and balances a ball on his nose. The nearby chart includes a clock with movable hands that makes it easy to see when the next feeding time is. Stick around for the next feeding, or move over to the rotating carousel to observe other small sea creatures. If you stand inside the underwater viewing area, it feels like you’re a part of the ocean as the fish swim by you! Fill the aquarium tank with water to experience the most realistic playtime fun.

Head under the sea for today’s giveaway! Kids ages 3 and up will love the Shark Research Boat from Animal Planet. Play with the boat, three sharks, and a diving cage that opens and closes for up-close shark encounters. The flashing emergency lights and sounds make the encounter all the more real!

Deadline was December 11th at midnight!

Day 12: Scoot Into The Season Day

Punk your ride! The Razor E-Punk Electric-Powered Micro Bike! Super compact and totally portable, the E-Punk is perfect for rolling and ripping around the playground, or bustin’ a ride to a buddy’s house. With a rigid steel frame, 8” (200 mm) pneumatic front tire, and speeds up to 9 mph (14 km/h), it’s an epic ride on a micro bike! Compact and portable, E-Punk is easy to transport. Toss it in the trunk, take it to the park or bike path, and bring it back home. Razor’s E-Punk features a BMX-style, pneumatic front tire to absorb the shock of riding through your neighborhood and decreasing vibration and stress to your hands—tough enough even for larger riders! Cruisin’? Park it on the E-Punk’s comfortable, padded seat and enjoy the ride. Folding metal foot pegs allow foot clearance for riders and quick folding for easy storage. Big fun n compact size! E-Punk builds on the electric bike trend just for kids.

Little ones will go wild for the new Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter from Razor, designed to help new riders build the balance they need to safely and confidently ride a two-wheeled scooter. Featuring a low to the ground deck perfect for learning, the Wild Ones junior kick scooter eliminates the need for a third wheel, enabling kids ages 30 months and up to learn to balance on a two-wheeled ride. And with Shark, Dinosaur, and Unicorn inspired designs to choose from, there’s a Wild One that’s just right for every little one!

Deadline was December 12th at midnight!

Odds depended on number of entries received for each giveaway. No purchase was necessary to enter. One entry per giveaway per family. Giveaways were open to families living in Central California. Random drawings were held December 2nd-13th. Winners were notified by phone or email.

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